Tuesday, April 26, 2011

six months without izy

I want to get back into the habit of writing in here. It's been a great blog and it's really helped shimmy me along my life's path and figure out a lot of things. I like rambling out my thoughts. Sometimes it helps just seeing them on a page.

Life has been pretty unreal for me the past six months. Done so much, seen so much, felt so much and most importantly: grown so much. Here I am! Back in the dirty south helping out family and taking a few journalism papers to pass the time. Life is good. I like how flexible life is. So long as you have positive thoughts and do your best things tend to turn out pretty well.

I'm at the tip of another exciting journey. I only have about a month and a half left of Christchurch. After then I can do whatever the heck I like! I'm applying to teach English in South Korea. I'm still waiting on one of my references and it's first come first served, so I might not get a placement. But, if not, I think I'll move back to Australia and try to get a million jobs and a million dollars.

Travel is my number one priority at the moment. I think and breathe travel. I want to explore all of the world. I can't really articulate how severe my curiosity is. I want to help. I want to get my hands dirty. I want my cheeks to hurt from smiling too much, again.

I have a few projects in the makings. I'm gonna make a list of them so that I remember to solider on with them.

1) Learn guitar
2) Baking blog
3) This blog
4) Spanish
5) Website ideas
6) Photography ideas
7) Painting for Juz
8) Running (wanna get back up to at least 10km runs before I leave)

I read a quote not long after I got home. It is simply;

You can never have enough of what you don't really need.

It rings true within me. So much of our lives in the western world are dictated by wants. I want a Macbook Pro, I want an iPhone (apple girl?), 35L, new clothes, new anything and everything. But really, I have all I need. I'm trying to remember that I am blessed. I'm learning to want what I already have.

A good friend of mind shared with me this beautiful song

Enjoy. Oh and remember to love and be loved = ) x