Saturday, August 6, 2016

When the Worst Thing is the Best Thing

Hindsight is probably the most wonderful thing in the world. I wish that current Izy could wrap up past Izy in a very nice dressing gown and tell her that everything would work out.

I wish I could tell her that it would be better than she could imagine, that she'd find somewhere so magical in the world she'd literally cry, real tears. Happy tears. After five years of searching, I found somewhere I loved enough to stay and it just happened to be a tax haven.

That she'd meet an amazing guy from where she's headed, before she even arrives there, in a different country, so unexpected that only a divine fate could have made it happen.

Then a few short months later, she'd find herself a proud owner of a ridiculous puppy called Inca that spends at least half of her time with her tongue dopily hanging out the side of her mouth. She's probably my greatest teacher: everything is always amazing for her, she is relentlessly happy.

I wish I knew that I'd figure out how to outsource basically all of my business, so that my spare time could be spent reading multiple books a week, drinking way too much delicious coffee where it's actually grown, walking through cobblestone streets and chasing Inca around the house.

I wish I'd known that the worst thing that I thought could ever happen could really be the best thing. Because from the deepest hurt, always seems to come the deepest strength. When you have nothing to lose, you have a bare foundation from which you can etch out every dream and desire, no matter how weird it's seemed in the past. Because when you're so broken that every thing has shattered, you can take your time putting the pieces back together exactly as you'd like.

So if you're having a moment where everything feels so bad, remember that maybe your worst thing may in some way become your best thing - or at least your greatest teacher.