Ahoj! Thanks for stopping by. It's nice to meet you.

I'm izy. I'm from New Zealand and I love my country passionately. I'm obsessed with travel and taking photos and that's mostly what this blog is about.

I want to make the world a better place... one smile at a time. Recently I went to the World Press Photography exhibition in Prague and it changed my life. I want to improve my photography so that I can be at a level where I can give the stories I want to tell justice. I want to change the world through pictures, but I haven't figured out the bridge between here and now.

But it's okay, because I'm quite enjoying the right now.

I am obsessed with chocolate, popcorn, giggling, deep and meaningful conversations that stretch the span of your soul, being in the grass in the sun, castles, yoga, finding the perfect coat, beautiful eyes, foreign films, cobblestone, accents and smiles.

This is my love letter to all those that I'm missing.

This is without izy.

1. My sister and I
2. At home in Christchurch after the earthquake
3. Cuddles with an elephant in Chiang Mai
4. Lost in Brussels.