Sunday, May 29, 2011

a lovely day

I'm leaving Christchurch soon, very very soon. So I wanted to spend some quality time with my little sisters. Sadly Melanie didn't feel up to coming. So I grabbed Emily and we went out for a cute little 'ladies who lunch' afternoon.

I had a lovely time, she's such a swell girl. This trip home has taught me to cherish the time with your family because none of it is promised to you. I'm really glad we got some cheesy photos of us together. Gonna try another lunch date, and hopefully Melanie can make it this time :)

I have my interview for Korea on Monday - freaking out!!! Things are so much scarier when it's what you really, really want!!!


Mallory said...

Thanks for your wonderful comments :)

You ladies are beautiful!!

And good lick on your interview!! I know you can do great!

Antoinette said...

Yay another kiwi blogger! Just stumbled across your blog today and I think you are adorable!
Following you

Jennifer M. said...

Hello from your newest follower! I saw a comment you posted over on Wild and Wily Ways and thought you sounded like a sweet gal.

This lunch out looks yummy! I love the second picture with the ice cream float. Mmm mmm good! :)

withoutizy said...

Thanks girls!!! lovely to have some new faces around here :)

Antoinette!! You're a kiwi? How exciting. I'll definitely check out your blog.

Mallory: Thank you, the interview went well, I'll keep you updated as to how I go. I could be in South Korea in a few months :D

Jennifer M. It was absolute heaven! And hello!!!