Monday, July 11, 2011


When I first started traveling, I think a part of me hoped if I got really lost I would figure everything out. I'd find the answer to all of my uncertainties and I'd feel an overwhelming sense of knowing. That never really happened.

Today I decided to bike around Gili Trawangan. I was biking through a sandy part when a local decided to playfully jump out in front of me. At that exact moment, in the mid day heat, my chain broke rendering my bike useless. I was on the opposite side of the island with a bike I had to push. Ahmed felt responsible for the death of my bike's chain and took it upon himself to lead me part of the way through the centre of the island, the village. There were numerous dirt road paths that crossed over themselves and I was overwhelmed by the heat. I held back the frustration, instead letting myself feel privileged for the detour.

With no bearing of where I was and no landmarks to go by, I was completely lost. I found, along my way, some farm animals, some friendly locals who asked me if I'd run out of petrol and two little girls who were taken by me. They saw me snapping pictures and made their way over to investigate. Somehow, everything fell together and we ended up having our own little photo shoot in the middle of their village. There's few things I find more beautiful in this world than sharing giggles and smiles with kids who don't speak a common language. It's the most simple thing, but I find myself falling more in love with the world every time it happens.

I left Kuta - a place I didn't care for - and found my own paradise.


Anonymous said...

Ahh you make me want to run away and do this so bad! You are such a beautiful person Izy, keep up the good work - Vicki x

Mallory said...

I love your pictures. the kids expressions are beautiful!

And I admire you so much for going out and seeing the world! you are so brave!! I guess Im just a scaredy cat (however you spell it). Because I too, like you, just love the world and exploring new places. But my mom has always been the planner and leader of all our excursions on roadtrips and to hawaii and costa rica. I'm just a wee lass, hehe. Someday though, I'll be adventuring the world more.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Oh wow, you are so brave! it sounds like it has been amazing :) and I think it's so great that you kept your cool when you got lost, I think I'd fall to pieces!