Tuesday, November 1, 2011

National Geographic/ World Nomads

So here are the five photos I've narrowed down to for this competition. I'm not sure if I have any shot of getting anywhere near the finals, but it's good to try and get involved in the community. I'm considering cutting out the second one, thoughts? :)

Any suggestions/improvements etc are welcomed :D

Ps. This is why I selected each photo:

1) Traditional meets modern - the powerlines gradually intercept this photo, which to me represents the way that the modern world has injected itself almost everywhere - even in remote Sapa, Viet nam.
2) The difference between a local and a tourist: She seems to be at one with the nature, taking some time to soak it in, while, in stark contrast, the fellow trekker seems to be running past, not taking anything in. I found it ironic considering the girl sees this landscape every day, yet she's indulging in it more.
3) I love this photo, I love how again the tourists are not really taking the time to appreciate the nature, while the local girls are brushing their hands through the grass.
4) This photo shows the closeness between a mother and child.
5) And this final photo shows the interaction between young local and tourist. there's such pleading and desperation in her eyes. while by international standards she's probably not on the poverty line, her future does depend on how much she sells and it's so clear by her expression.


Anonymous said...

They are amazing! The 5th one is so expressive.
#1 = 5
#2 = 3
#3 = 4

Great work :)

Devin said...

Oh gosh, these are beautiful! what a hard decision!

Mallory said...

These are all so so beautiful!!! You're great with a camera!! I really love the third and last one. Very fantastic!!

jorjiapeach said...

i vote #3 or #4. such beautiful shots.

Celia said...

I agree to leave the second.... the trekker doesn't read as a tourist.

Lost&Found said...

second to last! AMAZING!

Such beautiful people!