Saturday, November 6, 2010

Learning to love right now

I'm a dreamer. I'm always planning something and falling in love with those distant dreams. While plans are good, and it means i'm an excellent saver, a significant consequence of planning means I tend to let moments in the here and now slip past. Each moment in your life has it's own beauty and significance because it will never happen exactly like that again.

After coming home to Christchurch for the weekend I've learned that Auckland feels like home. I'm going to keep that in mind during my adventures.

I spent $350 on my vaccinations for my planned trip to Thailand... Now I'm invested in this idea, and I need to get on to booking flights :) I still can't decide how long I'm going for or where for. I'm going to figure that out on Monday.

As a good friend said to me once: go with the flow like a dead fish, so that's exactly what i'm going to do... Minus the dead part...

three days. jeepers! I'm getting really, really excited!

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Celia said...

So brave! I'm proud of you :)