Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I feel like I’m Goldilocks, and the world is my porridge. It’s a weird analogy, but surprisingly accurate. I’m not really sure where I want to be most. I think this is probably just the sampling period of my life; I need to try as much as I can before find whatever is ‘just right’.

A lot has changed for me in the past few months. I think one of my main prior concerns was missing out on things and just being in a general rush to make sure I tick things off my life list. Now I’m concerned about settling. I don’t want mediocre. I want an adventurous life.

I’ve also learned the older I get the less I know what I want to do with my time. Maybe it’s because I’m more open to options, or because my priorities are shifting from a money-orientated life, to finding something that brings me genuine happiness. I think ideally I’d love my profession to be something I’d do for free.

First day in Sydney was pretty awesome, considering I’d had about 2 hours sleep in as many days. We did the obligatory walk around Circular Quay and found our way to the Botanic Gardens. Rob was put in his place by a flock of ducks sweeping and diving around him. Banks over here are something entirely different; they are grand and lush.

I caught a train by myself (ohh!) to Newton and met up with an old friend for a home cooked dinner (probably the last one I’ll have in a long time, so I savoured it) and mass D&Ms Had issues with the trains/buses getting home and ended up wandering the dark Sydney streets, map flailing about, post midnight. After finally arriving ‘home’ I collapsed on my bed, exhaustion concealing the uncomfortable mattress.

Hostel life is interesting. I wouldn’t describe this hostel as clean or comfortable. It’s fine though. The only really annoying attribute is the lack of working power points in the room, which is surprisingly frustrating. I wasn’t able to manipulate the shower temperature to anything above ‘freezing cold’ - I suspect that might have just been that particular shower but I am undecided.

I also found a 20 baht note in the airport. I've decided this is my meaningful money and I'm going to do something awesome with it :)

It's another beautiful day here, so off I go xx

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