Sunday, May 15, 2011

South Korea

Okay, so if I'm totally honest South Korea isn't somewhere that's on my top gotta-get-there-now list (yes I do actually have one of those lists). But I've made a list of my options for the upcoming year (until Holi festival in India) and it would seem that teaching in South Korea comes out at number one. After a month of thinking and talking, I have finally done it. My application is sent away. Now it's all up to the Destiny Fairies to wave their magic wands (just like on sleeping beauty!) so I can get an interview. I'm sending out lots of positive vibes, I know this would be a great opportunity and I feel really ready for it. Teaching kids for the next year would be such a good way to earn a living. I think I would gain such a great personal satisfaction on a daily basis. I love the idea of living, breathing and really being in a foreign city for a year. I've got my fingers and toes crossed but I also trust that if it doesn't work out, something else just as awesome will fall into place.

That's a totally sweet picture from National Geographic of Seoul. Oh, also a timely reminder that I should enter their photography competition.

A lot actually depends on this Korea application. If I get accepted I have about 1-2 months of free time before my job will start. As I will be locked into the contract for the year, I think I will treat myself to a holiday (okay, so I am getting a little ahead of myself now). It will be Julyish when I go to South Korea. Looking at my trusty world map it seems that it would be a great idea to tackle China. Truth is, a big part of me is tempted to just go straight back to Calcutta. To go to India, back where I was before Every Thing Changed but I know that I want Holi festival next March. It makes sense to do something else. While traveling every one LOVED China and to be honest the Great Wall is definitely something big on my to do list. So, okay, if I get into South Korea I'll give myself: Melbourne, Perth, Bali, maybe Thailand? China and South Korea. Sounds like fun. I really do want to get in!!!

If I don't get in I'll still get those places, just a little bit later on. There is one advantage to not getting in to South Korea. I have a friend who is traveling to India for a month in Feb - she's an awesome girl and I would LOVE to travel with her. I think she's on the same travel crazy buzz that I am on. BUT if I go to South Korea I am locked into a year long contract and her trip to India doesn't fit in with Holi festival (but it's so close). If I'm not in Korea I will make sure I'm there to hang out with her and have Holi, so that is one advantage. And maybe if I don't get in, it's because it is written that I should go to India with her in Feb. I really don't know what's meant to be, but I am going to trust in the fact that whatever way the coin flips, it'll land exactly where it is supposed to. Maybe that's an naive way of looking at things, but hey it's working for me!

It's 3:04am. I'm a bit tired and we've had two decent shakes tonight. I'm super looking forward to my new laptop and I really do love my banner on this site.

And here's a song I love. It's beautiful. She's very talented for a 14 year old. I wish I could sing like this.

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wow oh my gosh. I LOVE this song. I bought it.