Saturday, May 14, 2011

Three weeks

I've got three weeks left in Christchurch. Only three weeks. Time has gone pretty quickly. I feel like I'm always counting down to something new, something in the future. It's awesome that I have so many exciting things to look forward to, but at the moment I'm just taking the time to savour right now.

I've been a bit naughty and treated myself to a new laptop which I'm really excited about. I have been considering this upgrade for months and I'm semi against it because my laptop does work fine, when it works. It was dropped about a year ago (not by me!) and the screen stopped working on certain angles. After a few months of hardcore travel (yeah, I am hardcore) my laptop is currently at the stage where it only works on one angle. I don't really see the point in replacing something that works, but it doesn't really work. I spend more time being pissed off with it than using it, so in a few days a shiny wee Mac Book Pro will be welcoming itself into my life.

I've got a few projects planned with this new badass toy. I want to be a regular blogger on here again. The other night I stayed up way too late and read through some posts that I made when I first arrived in Thailand and in India. It's so nice being able to have a little place in cyber space where all my feelings and thoughts are frozen in time. I couldn't help but realise how much I've grown this year, and in such a good way too. It was neat.

I'm not sure what exactly I am doing after Christchurch. Heading to Auckland for a week (or two!) to catch up with everyone before I depart again. I'm considering either Sydney or South Korea (teaching English) but I'm really not sure where I'll end up and that's okay. I'm thinking I might pop into Melbourne for a week to check it out... I think i'd really like Melboune :)

For now the only there is only one definite in my life: I will be going to Holi Festival in 2012.

Ohhh I also have started my eating plan properly. It's really awesome knowing that I am eating appropriate portion sizes and proportions of food. Hopefully some good results follow :)

I'm going to go sit outside, sip on some tea and soak up some vitamin D.


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