Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Green shakes and ground shakes.

I've been staying with two friends lately and they're into the healthier side of life. At the moment they're all about the shakes. The green shakes. So, I've been blending up large and enjoying them too. They're really refreshing and surprisingly fulling. Yum yum yum.

Yesterday we had two massive earthquakes. For those of you who don't know, I'm in Christchurch at the moment. I cut my trip to India short in February, when my aunty was killed in a 6.3 earthquake in my home city. It was pretty bad, but since then we've not had too many big quakes.

I was having a shower at 1pm and a 5.5 hit. I was in a shower over bath and I was literally holding on to each side of the bath, water spraying everywhere, screaming and crying while I rode it out. I jumped out as soon as I could move, ran through the house naked crying and answered my phone. My best friend had called me straight away to check on me as she knew I'd be freaking out.

Just over an hour later another quake hit. I was sitting at the table eating a late lunch and it started. It was so powerful. I spent a few seconds contemplating whether the table was stable enough and decided to head for the door. I grabbed my laptop and my camera (haha) and leaned into the door frame.. Eventually it stopped and I sat in the doorway of my bedroom crying. We lost cellphone coverage, power and water.

Finally, a friend called and I just burst into tears. It was a 6.3, the same size that killed my aunty. In this quake only one person died, we are so lucky it wasn't any more. Some of the suburbs here are flooded with silt and a lot of houses still don't have power.

It was such a crazy experience and the aftershocks are still coming.


Mallory said...

i'm so glad you are alive and well!!! that would be so scary. my mother was in the whittier, alaska '64 quake (which was a 9.2) and survived thank heavens!! I couldn't imagine how frightening it would be.

withoutizy said...

Wow I can't even imagine what a 9.2 would be :-S that would be so awful!!!

Alisha said...

Oh my, do be careful. Earthquakes are never fun. Glad to hear everything is ok for now. Stay safe.


Jennifer M. said...

Wow that would be scary!! I'm glad to hear that you're alright. That would be especially scary to be in the shower during a quake, I think. So surreal.

Anyway, aren't green smoothies the best?! I've discovered them this summer too and LOVE them! I usually put spinach, soy milk, OJ, bananas, and frozen blueberries in mine. If I have other fruits or leaves, I'll put those in too, but I like that first combination the bets. :)

Charlotte Lightbody said...

Can I have the recipe for the one in your photo iz? <3