Friday, July 1, 2011


I’ve been feeling quite different this time around. While I am excited about my upcoming travels, I’m more in love with than New Zealand than I’ve ever been. It is hard being so far apart from some of my core friends: those friends that have shaped me throughout the years and brought me to this very place in time. I count my blessings daily for them and wish I could smuggle them along as carry on.

It’s a tricky thing; loving and being very happy surrounded by them always and deciding to leave. I’m not running away and I’m certainly not abandoning all that I love, I’m just exploring elsewhere. This world is big and my eyes are wide.

People have been asking me when I’ll be back and others wishing me good luck for this “trip”. It’s hard to explain, but I’m leaving; I’m not going on holiday. I’m going for the foreseeable future and then a while after then. I don’t want to put a time frame on it, because this world is crazy and it continues to provide me the unexpected. But loosely guessing I can’t imagine I’ll be back in New Zealand for a couple of years. Its scary knowing that I wont see any of my favourite people for years unless they visit me (this is strongly encouraged).

My heart is breaking for the distance I’m putting between myself, my family, friends and this country I’m madly in love with… but I’m grateful for this adventure.

In less than eleven hours I’ll be on the plane to Singapore. Monday I’m flying to Bali (Indonesia) and I’ve not planned any further than that, yet.

This blog is a love letter to everyone I’m missing.

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great inspirational!