Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Since I split up from my three travel friends, I've felt really disconnected. When you travel everything is in a state of constant change: your location, bed, friends, where you eat, what you eat, the currency, the temperature, the time zone. Everything. I think it's what makes travel so amazing, too. You learn so much about yourself when you're in the middle of the unknown. I am just growing a little tired. Although I went home in February, it was under the worst circumstances imaginable. My city was destroyed, my family was devastated and I was in shock. I feel like I've been traveling the past year. I'm craving a home, a kitchen, the ability to do my own laundry, to cook for myself, to bake for others, to run, to know that in a week I'll be in the same place. I want stability, for a little while.

Today I booked my flights from KL to Paris. I also booked a transfer from Bangkok to Siam Reap - step one of my multiple day journey to Takeo. I'm looking forward to seeing those fiery red roads and the wide smiles of the kids. I've got an idea for a photography project, so hopefully I can share some wonderful snaps with you in a few days.

I've been a bit sulky in Bangkok and I've done nothing memorable (although I did have a few great nights out with some people from my hostel). I have, however, reached that point of frustration with myself where I will make the most of my last few weeks in Cambodia. A twelve hour bus trip will help with that. เห็นคุณในภายหลังประเทศไทย !


Daryl said...

Good luck to you and wherever your travels take you! If you feel this way then I know that au pairing will be a good thing for you! Is there anything specific in Paris you are going for or is it just to see the city?

Sonja said...

Gah, I know what you mean, sometimes even after a month I feel that way. But then something amazing happens again, and you forget about all the things you miss that come with stability, and your back in adventure mood ;o)
So when will you be going to Prague.
Awesome choice by the way!!! :o)

Bon Bon said...

Ahhhh, such adventures and beauty! Enjoy enjoy enjoy. Fantastic photos! xoxo

Celia said...

Last two photos are incredible! x

withoutizy said...

Daryl, I've already seen Paris. I'd love to go back but I'm just flying through there on the way to Prague - I just need to book my onward, same-day flight.

Sonja - I'm off the 20th of September. Three weeks three weeks! I can hardly wait :D