Sunday, August 28, 2011


Yesterday, on my Facebook wall a friend, Celia, started asking me some questions about photography. We ended up on a tangent about travel, as my status a year ago on that day had been about going off to Europe. Celia noticed it was the same region of the world at the same time of the year, randomly.

I told her "I'm like that"

Then I showed her the status from the 25th of August 2009 when I said "I want to run away somewhere"
Some friends asked where and I said "Prague"

Prague was always somewhere I dreamed to go, but it has never really made the most sense. It still doesn't, but I feel pulled towards it, now.

Celia then pointed out something must hit me about this time of year. She said that she now understands why I follow the signs I've talked about briefly on this blog. She wishes she had signs.

I replied,

"Those don't believe in magic will never find it"

I find myself lucky enough to find magic in almost anything. There's magic in the way I can change a child's stare into a smile. Or in those conversations that dig deeply into your core. Or in the lyrics of your favourite song. Or in that sinking, deja vu-like, feeling you get when you meet someone you know is going to change your life, forever.


Francesca said...

great photography and post :) xx opinionslave
/ twitter: @opinionslave

Emily said...

such a great reminder to continue to believe in and look for magic. much needed on this monday morning - thank you!