Saturday, August 27, 2011


I don't really like photos of myself for a number of reasons. Firstly, I'm not photogenic. I have crazy hair that often rebels in every direction. Just as a temper tantrum of a child isn't pleasant on film, there are days where images containing my hair should not preserved. Secondly, my camera is very good, it is very sensitive and you can zoom into anything in great detail. This makes me anxious, I don't want someone zooming in on ME. It's creepy. Thirdly, I always try to take flattering photos of people, intentionally using angles that help accentuate their natural beauty and mute any double chins. People who like to take photos of me aren't so kind. Sometimes they're just mean.

There aren't so many photos of me floating around, but on this trip the lads I was with took a few. Sometimes they took photos of me taking photos. It's fun comparing what we both shot.


Daryl said...

Okay, that monkey? Heart. Melted. This looks like an amazing place! What is the place that you're in/the large structure behind you in the first picture. Tell me more!


Sonja said...

hehe, that's cute! I like the multiple angles (or well, different views I guess)
That monkey is ridiculously cute! And as far as I can see behind that camera, your hair is so cool! I love curly hair!!!!
Although I do agree with you on those 3 points, I know what you mean. I would add to that, that I'm the most akward poser in the world, especially in photos by my self haha, I feel like I just can't pose!

Sladjana said...

Oh, i totally understand u! :)
Like always amazing photos!


Celia said...

I love the photos of you taking photos, and then seeing the results of what you took!

withoutizy said...

Thanks for all the wonderful comments. Daryl, I've got some more monkey photos if you want to see - actually I'll sort out my Flickr (aka make one and put everything on there, so you can enjoy!)

The cool bridge is a part of Angkor Wat, in Cambodia. It was my second time visiting and it was just as awesome as I remembered, minus getting caught in torrential downpour. If you can, go! I love Cambodia :)

Sonja, I'm the same regarding the awkward posing. That's why I love taking photos of kids, they haven't caught on to being self conscious, yet!

Taylor said...

Very cool idea with sharing the picture of you taking the picture and then what your picture looked like. Love it! When we were in Malaysia these monkeys sort of creeped me out. There was a large amount of them surrounding us and they wanted our bananas... if they didn't get some they hissed at us... bad monkeys!

withoutizy said...

Haha when I had just arrived in Ubud I bought a croissant from the 7/11 and I was enjoying it when a monkey spotted it. He ran over and launched at me and I threw my croissant to him. I fear them and their potential rabies.