Monday, September 19, 2011

colourful worries

If I'm completely honest, I'm worrying a little bit (read: completely freaking out). This "trip" is supposed to stretch a long period of time -- a few years, at least. Europe was always part of the plan, but not yet. The feelings I had a few weeks ago, and the momentum I had, has subsided a little, maybe a lot. I trust myself and in the decisions I made, but I'm feeling a whole range of emotions right now. I'm trying to decode my decisions; to make sense of things that maybe just don't make any sense. I booked flights because I wanted to and now I'm going because I want(ed) to.

I'm not scared of it being amazing, I know it will be. I'm just scared of all the details. I also don't really want to pack, although I have to. So, I decided to give myself a little while to procrastinate. I found my sketch book and colouring pens in my suitcase and thought I might as well put them to good use.

Here is my worry list. All the things that are playing on my mind right now. Somehow, writing it out (in rainbow fashion, of course) made the weight of it all feel a little less. significant.

Also, I thought I'd attach a picture of my room at the moment. All of that has to go into that little suitcase. It has to be under 23kgs (70lbs) - HAHA!

Where's Mary Poppins when you need her?

(incase you can't read the yellow - it says "falling in love with Czech Republic and having to leave" - Dean, let's get married ;) )


Sladjana said...

hahaha :D Izy that yellow... LIKE!
Oh, I'm going through the same thing right now. Maybe making a worry list would not be such bad idea.

And tall me about that Mary Poppins! Ah.. :))


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amy said...

You are delicate, like a fine rose. I love the idea of a worrys list. It might make me realize what kind of tensions I should rid myself of.

I hope the packing falls into place, and all you find is good feelings.

hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

Taylor said...

Wow, I love your worry list, even though it isn't necessarily the happiest list. Hope you can check those worries off as you would a to-do list. How happy you would feel doing so!

withoutizy said...

Mary Poppins came and left! Baggage worked out perfectly, the worry list did it's magic and I'm sitting at the airport calm and excited!

I think the next list I'll do should be a colourful gratitude list, because I have SO much to be grateful for, including all of your wonderful, lovely comments xx

Sonja said...

such big changes! completely understandable that you would feel like that! But they're such good changes I'm sure! I don't even really know you, yet I'm so excited for you! And excited to hear how it goes!
and awww the numbers in czech on the side! :o) cute!

Daryl said...

Changes ALWAYS make us worry, and fret, and fear the unknown.

Just remember that your life IS beautiful!

And don't you dare worry about not having time for traditional things...remember you are taking time to experience the life and the world in ways that the majority of humanity only dreams about! You have plenty of time :)

Alison M said...

You're so cute Iz! Hope you're setting in nicely to your new home. I've been thinking about you heaps, I hope it's all going swimmingly!

Kia kaha from NZ <3