Friday, September 16, 2011


Today I made a conscious effort to breathe Takeo in -- to savor her. I fell for her badly in February and pined to be back. Tomorrow I have to leave her. Despite this I feel truly blessed that at this stage of my life I'm letting myself be selfish. I want to randomly go to the Czech Republic for the next four months, sure, why not? I want to go back to this tiny little town, in rural Cambodia, for two weeks, okay, let's go! I'm free and today was a day where I made a conscious effort to be grateful and to notice the little things.

The details that could get lost easily within the year.

I biked around the dirt roads and paid attention to how things had changed since February. How the torrential rain I'd battled with, only days earlier, had made everything so lush. I went to the local market and bought the most delicious corn in the entire world. I fed bunny rabbits, pushed giggling kids on swings, and smiled until my cheeks were tight. I went to my favourite cafe and paid 1000 reil for a delicious iced coffee to take away. I was gifted bracelets. I had cuddles. Two of the kids had hurt hands/fingers, so I bought some tiger balm and ice and helped soothe them. I brushed the hair of a girl who was feeling a little sad. I had a little photoshoot with some of the girls. Then I biked home, watching the firey red sun melt into shades of purple and pink -- perfection?

Ps. My camera's a little broken. It stopped working for an entire day (thank-you aforementioned torrential rain) -- I painted my nails sparkly coral and had some T-R-I-P-L-E chocolate ice cream to balance everything out. I'm happy; she's playing nice again, although I think my settings are a bit funny. Bare with me, while we iron this one out.


Daryl said...

just awesome. :D So glad you are enjoying your time!

P.S. My husband and I will be in Prague this October!

Emily said...

I love the details of a place but hate that they are so often the first memories to fade. Although, I find that as more time passes, the important details become what I remember best and (almost) end up encompassing the whole place or experience. Funny how that works.

Hope your camera is feeling better! =)