Tuesday, October 4, 2011

in love

I spent the weekend in Prague. It's official; I'm in love. These photos do it no justice, and I'm looking forward to having a camera I can consistently take photos with. Prague's beauty reminds me of Paris, but it's more laid back and a lot more affordable.

I went to a few galleries, did a little shopping, watched a Czech movie, had beer that arrived to your table on a train (so amazing), saw some Czech cover bands, ate in a hipster restaurant (having dessert for lunch, yes), sat by the river in the sun, walked along Charles' Bridge at night (best time), had a traditional Czech dinner with a handsome European (cream on gravy!?) and then went on a road trip to Terezin, a former Jewish concentration camp. I've never been to any sort of war related memorial in Europe before, and I left Terezin with the same speechless nauseous feeling I first encountered in the War Remnants museum in Saigon, Vietnam. I think it's important to explore the history of a country, even the most awful and upsetting history.

I came to Czech Republic to get answers about something I was confused about. I'm not sure I got those answers. As we drove through Prague heading to Jihlava, I announced that Prague was a city I wanted to live in - that I didn't want to go to Korea in February as I want to be here. It's a city I want to know well, I want to know where the coolest cafes are and best galleries are. I want to search out the hidden authentic places in a sea of tourist traps.

I caught a train from Jihlava to Pocatky, except I missed my stop. Ended up 40 mins away from home with no way to get back. My host family's father had taken the car to Prague - the other's in for repairs - so it meant that no one could come get me. My awesome road trip friend from Prague drove 1 hour and twenty minutes to get me and drove me all the way home. I couldn't believe his kindness... and within that time frame my mind did a complete 180. I should go to Korea, for a year. So, I'm as confused as before I came... but I'm happy!

Can't wait to go back to Prague - I know I should explore more of Europe but I like the idea of being very with familiar this dreamy city.


Daryl said...

I am so happy you had a great adventure! I want to hear lots more about it soon!!

Mallory said...

What a beautiful place!!!!! I hope you're enjoying every second of your travels :)