Friday, October 14, 2011

My year in iPod photos (part 1)

Okay, so this post is probably reason enough why I need an iPhone - the camera quality is so much better, but then again I usually have my badass camera with me (missing you!). This is my life since I bought my iPod in Cambodia in February of this year and up until the point where I left NZ in July. So that's four months of Izy-life. I'll post up the second set of pics in the next few days, I love flicking through the photos and remembering all the wonderful things I've seen and done.

The fourth and fifth photos are very special to me.

The fourth photo is the piece of side walk I sat on while desperately trying to find out whether my family were okay in Christchurch after the earthquake. I actually lost someone very special to me in that quake, the most remarkable woman I ever knew. The fifth photo (of food) is an example of the meals that the people across the road were bringing me. Because once I found out my aunty was missing I became a complete mess, just crying on the side of the road trying to find out anything I could about back home. I was there for hours at a time, without any concern for food or water, and so they tended to my basic needs. They filled up my roti and chai when things were low. They refused to take my money. They showed me love when I was hurting the most. Those photos make me sad, but always remind me there's so much kindness in this world, if you just open up and let it in.

Ps. If you had to predict my future I'm sure you could tell from these photos that I am going to be: a crazy cat lady, who eats popcorn and ice cream alone on the couch while reading amazing books. Emphasis on crazy cat lady.


Alex said...

Don't worry, I'll end up being a crazy cat lady too.

Emily said...

I just got an iPhone after having a terrible, free, old regular, non-smart phone cell phone with a terrible, horrible, almost non-working camera option. I think I am most excited to take photos with it. It's awesome that you can look back through the past year like this - even the difficult times.