Sunday, October 16, 2011

a sort of vain post

this is kind of vain. like super vain. so vain I'm not even in denial... but I have r-e-a-l-l-y curly hair and most of the time it's awful. but sometimes, when i put no effort in and have no where to go (trying to save for potential visa) resulting in a pumping Saturday night in Pocatky*, my hair is good. like real good. like I had to take a photo of it to remember that sometimes it just falls wonderfully into place. and I had to show you because it's a true story!

here's a good song to balance out the vainness and lameness of this post. oh and I have such a cool idea for a self portrait, all I need is some snow... and uuhh my camera back!

* watching Madagaska 2 in Cesky so that I can try to learn some of the language, or at the very least learn where words stop and start. studying hard!


Alexandra Durbin said...

You look fabulous! Maybe it's because I have super curly hair too..but I don't think you're being vain at all! I straighten my hair 98% of the time because I find my curly hair to be so unmanagable (seriously it's like an afro when it's dry). So on the off chance that I wake up with bouncy, luscious looking curls I always want to take a bunch pictures and tell everyone. Curly hair is so hard sometimes!

Lorna Diwa said...

Agree with the above - not vain at all! Love it when my hair falls down just right without any effort, it is worth taking a photo!

tea elle said...

You look gorgeous, lovely! But then, you know I've always been mega jealous of your beautiful curls.

Miss your face xx

tea elle said...

You're so gorgeous, lovely. But then, you know I've always been mega jealous of your curls!

Miss your face. Love and hugs xx

Pia said...

Good hair days are the best! And you lok lovely.
I wish I had super curly hair, you are lucky! :)