Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh Prague

It's always been Prague. It's always been that one city that I found to be incredibly enchanting, before I'd even visited. A few people are planning trips there, and they've asked me for advice on where to go and what to do, and I feel like just telling them to be there and be present. Prague is all wrapped up in Christmas lights and the scent of mulled wine mutes the cold. Every time I visit I become more and more smitten. I've got my visa - it means I can stay in the Czech Republic for one year. I think I'll leave Pocatky end of March or April and I'm already trying to decide what's next.

I've narrowed it down to two options - moving to Prague or Barcelona. I'm ready to be in a big city, but as much as I love Prague, I wonder if I should save her - leave her to be that magical place I visit. There's cities that are good to live in, and then there are cities that are best left as special treats: when you have the time to linger and breathe it in.

This weekend I'm off to Berlin again to pick up my visa. I'm really looking forward to exploring the Christmas markets there. Unfortunately my New Years plans have fallen through (mega suck) so I'm in the midst of figuring out something else. I might just make it a smaller NY and plan a trip away somewhere warmer (Spain or Italy) soon :-)

Life is good, but I still feel like I'm on the edge of a cliff - I feel like there's gonna be something soon that's going to make me jump into everything. It's the strangest feeling, but very familiar.


Dawn said...

In regards to that photo, WOW. That just screams "magic." (Much like the quote on your sidebar does.) This is amazing. I actually was accepted to a study abroad program in Prague years ago, but I was not able to afford it. However, the country, and the city, has held my fascination.

I think you're right about visiting and living in certain places, though. Once you get accustomed to a certain area, it may lose its magic. It may become too easy to overlook the simple things that made you love that particular place.

Emily said...

Absolutely breathtaking. Wow. Gorgeous.

Devin said...

Gosh, what in amazing place! It sounds like you are truly in love with it :)

Sladjana said...

OMG! that pics are amazing!!!
You are coming to Spain!!! yeeey!
You should def. do it!!! It´s soooo amazing! And Barcelona.... And party´s here... la gente esta muy loca :D lol
oh i will write one post about life in Spain just for you! ;)
I am good! Still too busy but I like it1 :)) And I am becoming so spanish...hahahah
I know... How??? :)
Besitos! :)

michellemalpaya said...

I've been reading your posts, and have even read ones you wrote waay back in time. Your writing is breath for my soul, thank you.

I was wondering though, your traveling has brought you to so many many many different places, what's been leading you there? What do you do that lets you travel? Just curious, as of late, I've been allured away by wanderlust.

Anonymous said...

prague really is magical. there are no other words to describe the city.