Monday, November 15, 2010


I'm loving hostel life. I'm looking forward to recharging myself at a friend's house in Brisbane. There are so many comforts I miss about having an actual home.... cleanliness is probably the main thing. But there are so many pros about being in a hostel...

There's something absolutely amazing about having a bunch of friends near by at any time, who are up for anything. I've noticed that my hostel was dominated by German travellers, which was awesome because they are always keen for some goon. There's always someone new to meet and you are all united by a genuine interest to travel and learn more about the world.

It's really refreshing being in an environment which is so free. Where people don't really have plans. We met these two lovely German girls, they hadn't got anywhere to stay so crashed with Maddi and Tyson for a night. Then they managed to hitch a 5 day drive to the Sunshine Coast with some Australian backpackers. Another guy only booked his flights into and out of Sydney and the first four days of accommodation, everything else is just whatever. This is what life should be, mostly what you want to do, and only a little of what you have to do. It's funny how content you feel when you break restrictions.

I still haven't sorted out my uni application or my flights on to Thailand. I'm still thinking about both of those things. I need to curb my spending!


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