Friday, November 19, 2010

Love, Peace & Harmony

Sydney was amazing. It was so much fun. I definitely needed a break from the Goon. My poor liver was crying for somewhere with a slower, easier pace and Brisbane has certainly served it's purpose. Matt lives in possibly the coolest neighborhood i've ever stayed in. It's laced with awesome graffiti and a bunch of cute cafes. I've spent the past two days soul searching, sleeping in really late and eating wholesome food.

I've decided I'm not going to attend University in Jan next year. A pretty big call because I'm not sure whether or not they'll have a mid year intake, so I could be putting myself behind for a year. I need more time and space. I miss a lot of people already so I'm sure it's just gonna get worse as time goes on but I think travel is really important for me. I want to volunteer. I want to give my heart and soul to those who need it. I want to taste, see and experience new things. I want to meet new people. I want to be free for a little while longer.

I had the most amazing chats the other night with three beautiful souls. It was one of those conversations that touched the edges of everything worthwhile. I felt better for it. I'm so grateful for this insanely beautiful life I am living.

I haven't booked my outward flight yet. I think I'll head back to Sydney for a weekend of hostel fun before I head off to Thailand. I'll ponder it all for a little while longer.

I hope your world is as divine as mine.

lots of love xx

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