Monday, November 1, 2010

A little song of my own

So, recently I was very lucky to travel to Europe briefly. I intentionally changed the songs on my ipod before I left. I made sure I had this song.

And in my favourite places, I made sure it played to myself. So now whenever I listen to it, I get this twisted knot feeling in my tummy. It reminds me of being carefree on a bike in Amsterdam. It takes me back to the anticipation I felt on the flight into Hong Kong... gazing out the window on the surprise trip to Honfleur... feeling bright-eyed and carefree.

So on my next adventures, guess what song will be at the top of my play list?

I'm buying my back pack tomorrow. And my work's going to buy my camera bag and a spare memory card. Then I'm gonna come home and see how much I can fit into it all which is pretty exciting!

I am so ready to go home to Christchurch. I can't wait to catch up with my pretty girls. I can't wait to be in the familiar.

I think I've decided on where I'm going. It's not my first option, but it's certainly a good option. I can't wait to book and get planning. That will be awesome fun.

I can't decide whether to take my 28 + my 85 or just the 28! I guess if that's my biggest worry, I'm doing quite alright.

Does any one know where time is going? I've got seven days and most of those are spent in Christchurch.

What an adventure! xx

I hope all is well in your world

Lots and lots of love,


Christopher said...

16 GB sdcard 26$

buy a fewww. <3

withoutizy said...

wow that's SO cheap chris! wish I had more time to buy them!!!!